5 ways to loss weight at home || Top5Lists.in


5 ways to loss weight at home || Top5Lists.in

1. Drink plenty of water

 The primary means of losing weight is to consume enough liquids each day. Drinking liquid helps reduce hunger pangs, keeps the body hydrated, flushes out toxins, slows down digestion, and regulates blood pressure and heart rate. Water is one of the best things to drink. A glass of pure H20 gives you fullness without calories, and it is free! Adding lemonade, tea, or coffee to water enhances the flavor and adds some antioxidants. If you don't feel like drinking plain water alone, try adding fresh fruits into your diet to give yourself an extra dose of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

 2. Exercise regularly

 Exercise is the second way to shed pounds. You burn calories throughout the day while doing simple activities like walking, running, biking, dancing, etc. Your daily routine should be filled with exercises that make you sweat. Exercising once or twice a week is recommended. Also, remember that not everyone gains weight equally. So if you're looking to get rid of belly fat, do cardio exercises instead of lifting weights.

 3. Cut back on salt

 Salt intake is a major factor in determining whether we gain weight or shed it. Sodium causes us to retain fluid and increases our appetite. Try cutting back on salty foods like processed meats, fried food, takeout, and canned goods. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

 4. Don't skip breakfast

 It's true - people who skip breakfast tend to overeat later in the day. Eating a good breakfast sets off a chain reaction of positive effects on the entire day. Make sure you start your morning with complex carbs like oatmeal, whole-grain toast, or fruit along with protein for building muscle and keeping insulin levels steady.

 5. Eat smaller meals

 When you eat regularly, your body tends to adjust to the amount of food you need. When eating fewer meals, your stomach may feel uncomfortably full more often than usual, causing you to overeat. To avoid overeating, have three small meals rather than two big ones.

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