Top 5 free website to earn money ||


Top 5 free website to earn money ||

1. Clickbank

 ClickBank ( is a site where you can promote any product you own and make money from the sales you generate. The basic concept behind ClickBank is simple; You create a listing for the product you want to sell, add pictures and descriptions to entice people to click over to your site, create a small amount of content related to your product, and then drive traffic to your ClickBank listing using various methods. Once someone is interested in what you have to offer they can simply purchase it with their credit card. When someone buys from you, you get paid! Once you receive payment for your products you are able to repeat this again and again. 

 2. Amazon FBA

 Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon that makes it possible to sell physical products on Amazon without having to build an actual storefront or warehouse space. Essentially, Amazon takes care of shipping, customer service, returns & exchanges, payments/accounting, and everything else eCommerce sellers need to operate their business. To qualify for Fulfillment By Amazons services, sellers merely need to create an account with Amazon. After completing some verification steps, Amazon will issue your Seller Central ID. Your seller central ID will allow you to access the hundreds of functions offered in the Seller Central section of the Amazon web store. These functions range from marketing strategies to order management. If you’re ready to start selling on Amazon, sign up to get started.

 3. eBay

 eBay ( is a popular auction-style marketplace where users list items for sale. Any business can set up an online shop on eBay. There are three different ways to approach setting up your eBay business. The first method is to use an established third party provider who specializes in eBay selling. The second option is to create a dedicated eBay shop using eBay's inbuilt retail system. The final choice is to set up a traditional online shop using Shopify.

 4. Etsy

 Etsy ( is an online platform where artists, designers, and craftspeople around the world display and sell handmade creations. Founded in 2005 by Rob Kalin, Etsy is now worth over half billion dollars thanks to its passionate community of buyers and sellers. Another great thing about Etsy is that you aren't charged anything at the beginning of your membership. Instead, you'll only pay if you reach certain goals, such as making a profit. For example, if you're just starting out, you might choose to only charge $5 per item sold. As your business grows, you may decide to increase your fee to $10 or even $20.

 5. Instagram

 Instagram ( is a photo-based social media app that allows individuals to post and share photos. Users take still images or videos, apply digital filters and add text captions before sharing via email, SMS, or posting directly to social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is ideal for businesses looking to market themselves online and attract potential customers.

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