Top 5 November movies in India 2022

  • Top 5 November movies in India 2022
An upcoming survival thriller starring Jhanvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal, Helen by Alfred Kurian Joseph and inspired by some true events. This is the story of a girl who gets trapped in the liability of a restaurant and struggles to survive until someone finds her.

Was he accidentally trapped there or did someone plot his death? Watch this amazing telecast to know why you should watch this upcoming Bollywood movie.
  • Phone Bhoot
Following the lines of the film series Ghostbusters, Phone Bhoot is a similar story with an Indian touch where two people and a ghost start a business together. The business idea is to help those who are haunted by disgruntled ghosts but what's in it for the sensuous ghost of Katrina Kaif?

Sadly, not much is revealed in the trailer, but Bhoot believes that these two kids can fight Aatmaram. Who is Atmaram and why is it necessary to defeat him? You will have to watch the movie to get answers to all the questions.
  • Banaras
Another film that is hitting the theaters with new Indian film releases and has its roots in Hollywood, Banaras is a film that is based on the concept of time travel. Zaid Khan and Sonal Monterio will take you on an intersectional time travel, where Zaid, an astronaut, will struggle to survive stuck in a disrupted timeline.

Although the trailer does not present you a clear picture of the story but creates an interest so that you are interested to watch it in theaters on 04th November 2022.
  • Double XL
"Oh honey! We're just getting started." It is the mantra of every person who is rejecting the beauty standards set by the society and fighting against it. Similar is the story of the film Double XL which is releasing in theaters on 4th November.

Directed by Satram Ramani, this film can be the voice of the voiceless who are fighting against the norms set by the society. Moreover, it can also be a window into the lives of such people or a much needed spark of change in the society.
  • Thai Massage 
'Good men go to heaven and great men go to Thailand.' So, are you the great that is ready to go on a trip to Thailand but with an elder?

Yes, Thai Massage starring Gajraj Rao and Divyendu Sharma will take you on a strange trip to Thailand where Gajraj's character will rediscover his younger days. The trailer didn't reveal much beyond that which definitely makes us excited for it to hit the theaters on November 11.

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